Natural & Refillable Brightening Roll-On Deodorant

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Roll-on deodorant is obsolete, its time for a change

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Meet Refillable Brightening Roll-On. The deodorant that prevents body odour for 8 hours & brightens the underarms at the same time.

Refillable Brightening Roll On
Why do we pay for a new bottle every time?
Refillable Brightening Roll On
The Refillable Brightening Roll-On comes with a unique Serpentine Gemstone roller, plant-based ingredients, and a 100% recyclable refill pouch.
Natural & Refillable Brightening Roll On
Natural & Refillable Brightening Roll On
Our refill concept completely eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles. It also lowers the price by 44%.

Designing a refillable roll-on deodorant from scratch

We spent 13 months developing, testing and refining the refillable brightening roll-on because we wanted to make deodorant enjoyable again.
Natural & Refillable Brightening Roll on

PERMANENT BOTTLE – Many companies (big brands) design their deodorants to ensure you purchase the bottles again and again, to ensure they can reap more profit from consumers.

PERSONALISED BOTTLE – We are here to redefine your experience. Picture this: your name elegantly crafted on your very own roll-on bottle. It’s not just a deodorant; it’s an expression of you.

SELF-CARE AT ANY TIME – We usually keep deodorant at home, but now it’s necessary to bring deodorant everywhere for constant protection. Let’s be proud of our self-care routine.

The last deodorant bottle you'll ever need to buy.

SERPENTINE GEMSTONE – A one-of-a-kind gemstone is a skincare tool made from jade. It’s used to massage the skin, reducing puffiness, improving circulation, and helping deodorant and its brightening ingredients absorb better.

A recyclable, permanent bottle is an environmentally friendly packaging option that can be reused. These bottles help reduce waste and minimise environmental impact. By choosing a refillable brightening roll-on, consumers can support sustainability efforts and contribute to a healthier planet.


44% PRICE REDUCTION – With refill concept, we reduced the price of natural deodorant by 44%. With these extra savings, we can include skincare benefits (brightening) in our formulation without increasing prices.

The refill pouch gives you 2x deodorant volume at the price of one (RM35). Welcome to the new era of deodorant.


We took 6 months to design the scent using essential oils that are deeply balanced, suitable for sensitive skin, and unisex.


rose bergamot deodorant scent

ROSE BERGAMOT –  It’s a harmonious blend that is uplifting and soothing, evoking feelings of elegance and tranquillity.


Branwhite Formulation

Why these ingredients? We worked with one of Europe’s leading plant-based ingredients researchers specialising in skin care. Combining what we did best (prevent body odour) with skincare benefits (skin brightening) will raise the limit of deodorant. 

A verinatural team of chemists created the formula over 2 years ago and has gone through 53 iterations with a test group at each stage. The result? An effective deodorant and brightening formula that is made for sensitive skin.
Branwhite Formulation
Branwhite Formulation


Halizah Mariam
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"So far, I like using it. It's convenient like other roll-on deodorants, and even after wearing it for a long time, my underarms don't smell. 👍🏻"
Suraya Tajuddin
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"I have tried it few times. So far I like it because it's less watery, dry faster than the initial sample you've sent before. Yesterday I was busy going here & there. And I have no body odour."
Jignesh Swaran
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"Yes I’m trying both on different days, and I tried during day time also Also preventing odor for very long time, even till night I could see a bit brighten armpit"
Afrina Azhar
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"I am so in love with this deodorant! Yes, the formulation actually work. It takes 6 weeks for me to see the brightening effect."
Tan Shi Wei
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"Love this roll-on! It keeps me fresh all day and has made my underarms look smoother and brighter."
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"Obsessed with this brightening roll-on! It not only keeps me feeling confident and odor free throughout the day but has also noticeably improved the appearance of my underarms."



1) Open the deodorant cap and open the refill pouch.

2) Unscrew the deodorant bottle and pour the refill.

3) Close deodorant bottle tightly to prevent leakage and you’re good to go.

4) Clean with water and recycle the pouch once finish.

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Benefits For You

NO ALUMINIUM – Most deodorants contain chemicals such as Aluminium Cholohydrate that block you from sweating.

NO PARABENS – Verinatural deodorants are made from plant-based ingredients. 

refillable brightening roll on

PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS  You can feel safe and secure knowing that your health will not be affected when using this deodorant.

NO YELLOW SWEAT STAINS – Sweat stains are caused when your sweat reacts with the chemical used to block your sweat pores. This means no more yellow sweat stains.

TRAVEL FRIENDLY – The deodorant is leaking free design. It is light and strong, making it easy to carry around and fit in any bag.
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Our Rewards

In each starter pack you will receive one deodorant bottle, and one refill, packaged in a sustainable cardboard box.

Join The Journey

Help us fund our first production run and get us rolling on our mission to revolutionize deodorant with a design-led, natural, sustainable roll-on. We hope you’ll join us in our journey by pledging of your own, and help us pave the way for a more planet and body-positive future.


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FREE REFILLS FOR YOU – There are billions of armpits in the world that need to know about our campaign and you can help bring it to them. Simply share on your socials, tag us and we’ll add an

extra FREE deodorant refill to your pledge.  Don’t forget to tag us #deodorantredefine

Money Back Guarantee

Our Money Back Guarantee: We are confident in the effectiveness of our product and stand by its quality. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we offer a 100% full refund. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want you to feel confident in trying our product risk-free. If you don’t achieve the desired results, simply contact us for a hassle-free refund.

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